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29 Jan
Written by  Mike Davies

The Bachelor: Episode 4 Recap

Sorry for the delay this week. We were on a five-day road trip in British Columbia that ended in Milwaukee with three wins. So, I'll keep this short and sweet and go more in depth after next episode.

Sorry for the delay this week. We were on a five-day road trip in British Columbia that ended in Milwaukee with three wins. So, I'll keep this short and sweet and go more in depth after next episode.

The girls and Ben were in Park City, Utah this week. I bet the girls wish they were going to a tropical beach paradise like all of the other seasons. I'm not going to lie, I’d be mad.

First One-On-One Date

Rachel got the first one-on-one date. First, they took a helicopter over the beautiful rolling hills of Utah, then a scenic canoe ride to a picnic. They said five words to each other in the helicopter and then he proceeded to say, “I like where things are going with Rachel.”  During their picnic, the conversation was so uncomfortable and awkward.
When he asked, "Why waste your time and energy on something that isn’t going to work?” and her response was “This fire is hot.” – He probably should have sent her home right there.

Group Date

For the group date, they went horseback riding and fly fishing.
Casey S. – It was nice that he took her away to chat. Too bad we didn’t get to hear any of it.
Blakely – We didn’t hear much of her this week. She was starting to sort of grow on me, until I saw her beat stomping on top of a picnic table.
Lindzi – She probably almost peed her pants when she found out they were going horseback riding. I still think she will have a hometown date.
Samantha – Sounds like (and sort of looks like) she is 17 and in the movie “Bring It On.” She wasn’t listening to what he was saying and I’m not surprised he sent her home.
Nicki – I like her. We didn’t hear much except that they both lost someone they knew within a week before the season started. Sad and weird coincidence. I'm starting to think she could be the winner since we still never see her.
Kacie B. – At least you can tell she really likes him. The fact that he takes her to his room means she’s special. She’s for sure going to be in the top two and if she doesn't win, then Ben is a joke.
Courtney – Once again, she is the most annoying grape on the vine. She's definitely in it to win it, no matter who the bachelor is. She totally used the phrase, “I’m losing sight of everything” just to make him feel bad ands that he would give her the rose. Sadly, it worked because Ben is a dummy. Three things: She’s not a nice person, she got really lucky by catching a fish, and she needs to get over herself.

Second One-On-One Date

Jennifer gets the second one-on-one date. They went hiking, broke the law, proceeded to propel down a crater and finally freefell to the water. Luckily, there were cameras miraculously placed underwater to catch that. Then the chairlifts open, they rode to the top of the mountain for dinner, and went to a concert where the crowd cleared the way so they could be in the front row. It seemed like they had a good date. She seems nice and down to earth.  I see some chemistry.

Cocktail Party

The feud between Emily and Courtney is entertaining. Emily gave a great description of Courtney: statue made of marble. And yes, she probably just ruined her chances with Ben because of that conversation.
Casey S. has proved that she is Courtney’s sidekick. Why is Courtney so surprised that someone called her mean?


Monica – She was growing on me, but never seemed like she was the one for Ben.

Top 5

  1. Kacie B.
  2. Nicki
  3. Lindzi
  4. Emily
  5. I thought about it for awhile and well…there is no fifth because the top four are too good.

Note:  I'm surprised that ABC allows skinny dipping on Episode 5. I'm not surprised it is Courtney, which means she will get a rose because what guy wouldn't give a girl a rose for going skinny dipping.


An application for next seasons’ Bachelorette. One reason and one reason only: Emily Maynard.

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