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09 Mar
Written by  Mike Davies

The Bachelor: Episode 10 Recap

As always, it's what everyone looks forward to every season just because of all the drama it brings out in people.

Women Tell All

As always, it's what everyone looks forward to every season just because of all the drama it brings out in people.

This season had the most we ever have seen, probably because 90 percent of the girls are so insecure. I actually almost muted the first 10 minutes because that Samantha girl was beyond annoying. Who gave her the authority to talk that much? When you hear her talk, you want to puncture your own eardrums.

I was in shock when I saw Jamie there. After that kissing scene she had with Ben and then it being viewed by America, she should have headed to a compound in Pakistan and hid for a while.
Emily is by far the coolest girl of the bunch and, like most of them, deserves way better than Ben.

Courtney made her appearance to apologize for being a brat and I actually felt bad for her and still do. Although she did dig her own grave, her life will never be the same.

Finale Preview

The two remaining women, Lindzi and Courtney, are opposites. Lindzi is from a small family and was raised on a farm with horses that she adores.
Courtney is a model who was raised by either her parents or the devil.

During "Women tell All," Courtney accidentally said, "I cared for Ben and still do." That makes me wonder if Ben chose Lindzi or he didn’t use his head and picked Courtney.
All the tabloids say he chose Courtney, but last year they all said Chantal O. won and Emily ended up with a ring on her finger. Since that happened, you should take the tabloids with a grain of salt. They pay celebrities X amount of dollars so they could make up a story about them.

If Courtney did win, then why is ABC having her go try on wedding dresses in public? Wouldn't that ruin their show? No Bachelor winner has ever done that in the past before the finale. I will bet she was paid big money to go do that so the paparazzis could snap pictures and make money off of it.

Ben was apparently caught making out with three girls. How do we know when those photos were snapped? Even though everything leads toward Courtney, you never know what could happen. I find it very weird that ABC let all that information get out to the public when in the past it's all been covered up. We will have to wait and see.

I'm going to go against the grain and say Ben makes the right decision and picks a girl who doesn't look like Russell Brand: Lindzi. We all know what she brings to the table, but does Ben?

Looking forward to the finale on Monday. Tweet me @mikegdaviesand tell me who you think wins and if they’re still together?

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