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The Bachelor Blog is back! Season 17 Ep. 1 Recap Courtesy of ABC
10 Jan
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The Bachelor Blog is back! Season 17 Ep. 1 Recap

Welcome back, Bachelor fans! I know you're all pretty upset that this season’s bachelor is Sean and not myself. I would bring much more to the table than Sean. However, he still brings plenty.

The Bachelor 2013 Season 17 Episode 1 RecapFrom Dallas, Texas, Sean is a family-oriented man and recently had his heart broken on Emily Maynard's season. He's back for another crack at finding someone and he's in for a treat with his group of girls. Let’s see how this first episode played out.

The show starts off with an awkward scene where Arie gives Sean a kissing lesson. Not sure why Arie was brought in, as him and Sean were not good friends from Emily's season. I think Arie is the last guy Sean should be getting advice from. Arie is an awkward guy who deserves a nice man. Yes, I think that's accurate. When it comes to kissing, Arie looked like a fish when he was kissing Emily. When Arie was explaining what to do with your hands, I was hoping he would just punch himself in the nose. 

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Girls who stood out:

Desiree—Finally, someone utilizes that fountain. Genius. I see her going far in the show. Great personality and figure.

Jackie--Very pretty. Voice is annoying but they didn't show much of her, which usually means she will end up going far.

Ashley P—Michigan’s finest. 50 shades of Freak. This broad started booty dancing by herself. I’m surprised the producers didn't make Sean keep her around.

Taryn--The one who looked like she was about to cry because she wasn’t getting her time with Sean. I think it was due to the fact that her dress was too tight. That thing was wrapped on her tighter than an airport sandwich.

Tierra—Family-oriented and so is Sean, so this might work. She received a rose after stepping out of the limo because she had an opened heart tattooed on her finger and she said it’s because she's looking for someone to close it. I see her in it for a while.

Lindsay--What a beauty. Says she's "got balls"... and it wouldn't surprise me. Although she was smashed, she still managed to get a rose.

Robyn--Steps out of the limo and was so happy to see Sean, she did a backflip and landed on her dome. If I were Sean, I would have ran over to her, picked her up, put her in the trunk.

AshLee--It was very emotional when she was talking about being in six different foster homes and then eventually get taken in by her current family.

Diana--Divorced mother of two. History tells me she doesn't stand a chance

Kristy --Let me just say that I know Kristy from college and she’s a nice lady. I don’t think she made herself likeable by saying "Best in the Midwest." She sells shakes that apparently make you lose weight. Of course, if I was a chick with curb appeal and nice set of you-know-what, I could sell bacon to a pig. So far she's showed us her cockiness and nothing else. The show says she's a model, but she's a model who sells Jagermeister shots. Nice girl, hope she does well.

Sarah--I thought she was the most likeable. Carried herself with class.

Kelly--If she was something other than orange, she would be a 10. Didn't receive a rose.

Last one out of the Limo was Kacie B. My favorite girl from Ben’s season. Her dress is teddy but her body is rockin’. Will her and Sean hit it off? I don't think so.

Handing out the roses throughout the night made it very entertaining and added tension among the girls.

Girls who received Roses


And just think: Somewhere out there, there are 20 dads just beaming with pride. Yeah, not really.

My Top 3

Tierra, Desiree, Kacie

Next week will be a treat since the show moves more toward the house and one-on-one dates. More drama and tears. Send me your choice this week of who you think Sean will pick!


Mike Davies

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